There are many benefits to installing AquaFlex at your home

Let’s go over just a handful of the more interesting features to help you understand if our AquaFlex surfacing products are right for you!

Reduces Slipping

AquaFlex is designed to provide a slip-resistant and industrial grade surface to protect your family and guests at pool. Originally, the product was developed for slip-resistance on splash pads where water was constantly being splashed on the surface near fountains and sprinkler systems. AquaFlex provides our highest safety ratings in slip-resistance.


AquaFlex is impact and heat-resistant, providing a much safer play area for children. AquaFlex is a softer surface than concrete or epoxy rock, so when children or adults take a spill, there is more cushioning to absorb the impact.

Expression and Artistry

AquaFlex has a wide variety of colors that will enhance your pool deck, and we can also customize its look to reflect your personal design choice.

UV Resistant

AquaFlex coating surface is a totally light-stable system, resistant to chalking, color fading, and long-term UV degradation.

Zero Maintenance / Long Lasting

Once the AquaFlex product is installed, it doesn’t require any after-installation maintenance because the product chemically fuses together, creating a long-lasting surface.


We provide a standard warranty on our installations for 3 years; however, the life expectancy for AquaFlex far exceeds the warranty time period. Due to the product not needing any ongoing maintenance, you can enjoy your deck for years to come.

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