Bring the comfort and safety of pool decks at resorts and casinos to your home!

We are a trusted installer of casinos and resorts along the strip in Las Vegas. We can bring that same artistry and safety to the pool at your home!

If you are looking for a safer, cooler underfoot, durable and ZERO-maintenance surface, Pebble Stone Coatings has the ideal surface for you.

Our AquaFlex® product is the perfect solution for current and costly pool deck challenges such as cracking, peeling, re-staining, resealing, or re-coating that are needed for typical pool deck surfaces.

We can do amazing things on the following surfaces:

• Cement

• Asphalt

• Kool-Decking

• Painted Surfaces

• Stamped concrete


Pebble Stone Coatings AquaFlex® is the premium designer pool deck surface coating that provides a multitude of benefits: 

• Slip Resistant

• Cooler underfoot

• Soft Surface

• Long-lasting

• Zero Maintenance

• UV Resistant – No color fade

• Chlorine resistant

• Variety of colors

• Custom Designed to your aesthetic

• Seamless system

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