Pebble Stone Coatings enhances the appearance and image of Commercial interiors and exteriors. We have the ability to install custom logos, designs or borders into your surface(s) to showcase your company name. Our product will also act as an extension to the architecture of your building.

Our surfaces are also able to handle heavy loads, foot traffic, extreme weather conditions and abrasion. This attractive new surface keeps maintenance costs down and surface appeal up.

In addition, the ability for our product to cover cracks, gouges and uneven edges in your concrete can save on cost by eliminating the need to replace the original concrete surface. This allows for a safe and unformed surface, without the hassle of a long-term and messy demolition of your existing surface.

Pebble Stone is installed in usually one or two days, and your customers can walk on the surface approximately 24 hours after installation.  

Areas that can be enhanced:


Employee patios


Pool Decks


Showroom floors

Outdoor café flooring



Surfaces that can be covered:

Stamped concrete

Cracked concrete

Bare concrete

Spray texture

Painted / Textured cement

Stained concrete

Uneven concrete

Kool Decking


Handles high traffic areas

Long last permanent surface

100% natural stone

Easily clean and restored

Easy to customize with design and borders



Slip resistant due to its porous nature

Resists mildew

Highlights areas with borders to provide visual markers

Can correct damaged or cracked surfaces which can reduce trip hazards 

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