When you consider that your driveway is a very large part of the curb appeal of your home, having a driveway that is plain, discolored, cracked, or damaged can distract from the overall beauty of your property.

A Pebble Stone Coatings surface will highlight the features of your home. We offer many color options as well as designs and borders to truly make your driveway a large part of the beauty of your property and home.


  • Adds warmth and beauty to your home.
  • Customizable with patterns, designs, color changes.
  • Covers old, stained, stamped, or damaged concrete giving your home a new look.
  • Stops water puddling. Because of its porous nature, water travels between the stones and doesn’t just sit on top.
  • Handles high traffic as well as the weight of vehicles without a problem.
  • 100 % natural stone, keeps the beauty of natural colors.
  • Covers almost any hard surface–stained stamped, painted, and textured concrete.

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