There are many benefits to installing Epoxy Rock at your home

Let’s go over just a handful of the more interesting features to help you understand if our epoxy rock surfacing products are right for you!

Reduces Slipping

The porous nature of our river rock and resin combined with the grit of our epoxy mixtures creates a more slip-resistant surface. The epoxy rock solution is great for preventing slipping on walkways, driveways, and patios

Long Lasting (Years)

Your epoxy installation thrives for years with minimal maintenance and can last for 10+ years with clean and seals (servicing) every 2-3 years. These clean and seals strengthen the epoxy bonding process and prevent rocks from popping out and the resin degrading from rain, foot and vehicle traffic, approved cleaning products, etc.

Expression and Artistry

Our installers are not only experts in troweling and installation, they are also artisans who specialize in creating works of art that use your concrete surface as a canvas. Our crew is invested in creating an improvement to your home that will delight your family and impress your guests for years after the install

Fixes Unsightly Concrete

Our epoxy rock surfacing can not only cover damaged or uneven concrete. We install expansion joints to deal with concrete that moves significantly during hot and cold temperatures to provide a seamless, beautiful surface despite mother nature’s effects on concrete and subsurfacing

Elevated Walkways

The porous nature of the epoxy rock solution draws rainwater and pool runoff down to the ground level and allows you, your children, and pets to walk above the water on a solid, less slippery surface. Our surfacing is typically at least 1/2 of an inch higher than your concrete/ground level

Repel the Elements

Our epoxies start shiny thanks to the fresh epoxy but eventually settle into a matte finish without weakening the epoxy. During our clean and seals, every 2-3 years, it will bring back the shine. Utilizing our standard clean and seals schedule will ensure the same beauty of the original install over the years, even over a decade

Maintainable and Extensible

Our installers are capable of dealing with home improvement damage and expansions (e.g., extended driveways), remodels, and the planning required for concrete expansion joints, roll downs, and other common home improvement strategies. We only do the decorative surfacing, but our staff work to understand each customer’s needs and their future plans to better maintain and extend the epoxy rock surface when needed


We provide a standard delamination warranty on our installations for 3 years that is extended when you get a clean and seal to strengthen your epoxy bonds between the river rock. As long as you use appropriate chemicals to clean your surface (e.g., water and vinegar where appropriate), do not use pressure washers and other unsupported cleaning regimens, we warranty our work. We try as best as we can to honor our warranty and repair minor issues, especially during a clean and seal

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