The Benefits of Pebble Stone Coatings Epoxy Rock

The Benefits of Pebble Stone Coatings Epoxy Rock

Pebble Stone Coatings Residential Pool Deck Resurfacing
Pebble Stone Coatings epoxy rock surfacing product holds up well when compared to other concrete texturing products.  While there are many options for concrete overlays, Pebble Stone Coatings epoxy rock surface has many benefits when compared to stained concrete, stamped concrete, spray deck, pavers, epoxy paint and other types of urethane coatings.
The use of 100% natural stones, mixed with our proprietary epoxy, creates a surface that is not only beautiful but durable, long lasting and low maintenance.  The many benefits of our epoxy rock surface include a naturally slip resistance, a porous surface (so water will not puddle), the use of different colors to create custom borders and designs.  And, with the use of natural river rocks, you never have to worry if they will retain their color.  Our rocks are natural and there are no artificial colors used. 
Although other local installers may claim to install similar types of epoxy and stone mixtures, we have perfected the installation process and we have the best epoxy available.  We don't use store bought epoxy!  We have over 25 years of experience in the industry; we have installed over 2,000,000 square feet and counting!  
In addition, with our ongoing renewable warranty, we not only give you a beautiful surface today, but create a long term solution for concrete coatings.  
So whether it's just to spruce up an entrance, or create that outdoor patio entertainment area, count on Pebble Stone Coatings to upgrade your surface!

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