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Pebble Stone Coatings offers a variety of colors to choose from. Each of our stones are 100% natural. The different colors represent the numerous areas of the United States that the rocks come from.

Unlimited options for mixing and matching are possible by adding borders, color combinations, and custom designs!

Popular color combinations:

  • Coralite with Apache
  • Apache with Flint
  • Coralite with Flint
  • Rose with Flint
  • Dark Rose with Flint
  • Rose with Dark Rose
  • Razorback with Flint
  • Dark Razorback with Flint
  • Texas with Flint
  • Dark Apache and Apache

As you can imagine, the possibilities truly are limitless!

We will gladly sit with you and assist in picking out complimentary colors.

It's best to supply us with a few current pictures of your property, so that we can mix and match accordingly.

*Please note that "Gray" and "Oklahoma" are no longer available, as of 2017. Thank you.


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