Pebble Stone Coatings enhances stairs like no other product. Not only does it enhance your stairs with a new fresh surface, it highlights the change in elevation with contrasting colors.

Pebble Stone Coatings improves a stairs beauty, especially when you add a contrasting color. This change in color helps to define the stairs, and alerts your guests where each step is and this change is visible going up or down. This helps with safety as well as beauty.

When we provide you with your free estimate, we work with you to help make your stairs more of a visual showcase with added safety.

Benefits of a Pebble Stone Coatings Stairs:

  • Adds warmth and beauty to your home.
  • Helps highlight the stairs fronts and edges when two colors are used.
  • Completely customizable with patters, designs, color changes.
  • Covers old, stained, spray textured, stamped or damaged concrete giving your stairs a new look.
  • Stops water puddling. Because if it’s porous nature, water travels between the stones and doesn’t just sit on top.
  • Handles high traffic with ease.
  • Easily cleaned and restored and can be pressure washed up to 2000 psi.
  • 100 % natural stone, keeps the beauty of natural colors.

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